Monday, February 1, 2010

So long and thanks for all the fish…

I’ve been getting complaints from people saying they can’t comment on this blog anymore.  And I have random issues posting myself…so…this is going to be my last post here. 

I set up a new blog over on blogger so it should be pretty easy to comment and hopefully won’t have the same issues. 

So, now that I moved, all you people that complained had best be commenting now!

New blog:

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Stupid risks are what make life worth living.

So, I’m glad someone else knew who Jim Kelly was…because when I tried to share my excitement with my friends…they had no idea who I was talking about.  I need to get some new football liking friends or something. 

Anyways, in less than 48 hours I will be landing in Costa Rica and I am so excited!  I will be waking up to something like this every morning. 


Yes, go ahead.  Be jealous.  Be very jealous :-)

Anyways, I have a ridiculous amount of work to do before I go, but for the life of me I cannot concentrate on ANYTHING.  All I want to do is go home and pack and head on out. 

I’m so ready for vacation.

So, enjoy your week off of posts.  I plan to enjoy mine :-)

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And I keep telling you, you flyboys crack me up!

For the past fourish months I’ve been talking football with one of my co-workers.  He’s a HUGE Bills fan and always goes to at least one of their games every year.  Goes hunting with all these football players (including Big Ben one year) on a yearly basis, does vegas trips with a bunch of players, nnd goes to the Super Bowl (and attends the parties for the owners) and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out HOW he did all these things.  He just kept saying his brother knew these people. 

It wasn’t until today when I finally realized WHO his brother was.  I was asking him WHAT his brother did and he joked that after he retired he became a “professional hunter” and did a lot for the “Hunter’s Hope” organization.  Then he mentioned that Jim was collecting recipes for a cookbook they were going to sell as part of a fund-raiser for “Hunter’s Hope” and it clicked.

His brother is freaking Jim Kelly.  How did I NOT figure this out sooner?  It’s not like they have different last names.  I feel like an idiot right now thank you very much. 

However, on a redeeming note, I helped my crazy neighbor AGAIN.  She’s the one who needed me to jump her car at 5:30 in the morning last year, and she needed help with her car again today.

She had a nail in her tire and you could hear the air leaking out…and she didn’t know how to change her own tire.  I’m sorry, if you have a car and can’t change a tire, you either A – Need to learn or B - get roadside assistance program.

The first day after getting my license, my dad made me go out in the front yard and learn how to change a tire, check the oil and other fluids, and jump a car. 

So, I was nice and helped her change her tire (in the freaking rain argh…why do tires only get flat in the rain?).  But, luckily, a cop came along and took over so I got to go inside.  But it was nice to know that I still remember how to change a tire.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

I haven’t changed since high school and suddenly I’m uncool.

It’s Monday.  It’s Monday and it’s a holiday.  It’s Monday and it’s a holiday and I’m WORKING.  Argh. 

Even worse, I’m the only one working on this side of the building (other than the contractors that I’m here “supervising” but they don’t count because I’m the only actual real company employee on this side of the building.).  Sigh. 

So far today I have:

  • Shredded five years of personal documents (old credit card offers, etc that I’ve been putting in the “shred” pile without actually shredding it).  Apparently one offer came with an eye glasses cleaning cloth I was unaware of.  I’ve learned that does NOT shred very well.  Added a fun 5 minutes of swearing to my day. 
  • I’ve updated my program resume.  Our program coordinator is starting to look at placing us in our next rotations and asked us to fill out our program resume for our current rotation.  I feel that I’ve done a lot of work in the past 4 months.  And I didn’t even write down half of it.  My actual work section looks really awesome.  But I couldn’t come up with a good Summary statement (I’m basically the area bitch that does whatever anyone needs), but that didn’t look too good as my statement.  So it’s pretty lame.
  • I’ve organized all my desk drawers. 
  • I was supposed to work on a report today, but I need a report from our analytical services before I can write my report.  I was supposed to receive it Friday.  It’s not here.  And they’re not in for me to yell at.  Sigh. 
  • I wanted to fill out a PO for some new valve trim we need.  I haven’t received the quote yet.  Argh. 

All in all today is just one big sigh.  It’s only 10 and I’ve already finished my work for the day.  Only 5 more hours to go.  Big Le Sigh.

I also cleaned all weekend.  My room is FINALLY completely unpacked with everything put in its place.  Yeah, unless I get transfered up north I’m going to be moving in about 2 months.  Go me. 

However, while cleaning I’ve K and I started a box of R’s belongings that she’s left at my place the last month.  It’s getting kind of full.  R – would you like your computer charger and such back?  It seems like it should be something you would need? 

Anyways, I’m super bored.  I think I’m gonna make a wawa trip.  Or something. 

Hope everyone else is enjoying their MLK day (and if you’re on a holiday day…SO JEALOUS).  However, on a good note…only 4 more days until COSTA RICA!!!  Yay Costa Rica!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This whole Haitian earthquake is so sad…then I read something like this and I get so angry…If you don’t have something actually HELPFUL and RELEVANT to say…just keep your damn mouth shut. 

Argh…I seriously HATE people lately. 

I’m contemplating becoming a recluse in a cave somewhere (I just need to find a cave in a warmish area so I don’t freeze to death…but I also don’t want to sweat to death…so a nice constant 70 degrees would be nice). 


However, on a relevant and helpful note, if you feel inspired to help, Doctors without Borders is an amazing charity that is currently setting up clinics in their PARKING LOT because their clinic was destroyed in the earthquake.  They need help and donations. 

It’s a lot more helpful than saying they made a deal with the devil.  ARGH!

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Yes I am, but thanks to this psycho-active medication, I enjoy brief moments of lucidity!

I am a little phobic when it comes to food poisoning…so with all this cooking and handling of raw meat, I’ve been obsessively washing my hands. 

Honestly, I tend to obsessively wash my hands ALL the time because it’s so dirty here, but I want to blame another bad thing on cooking.  Because cooking is evil.  (um, ok not really…but I like to say it is)

Anyways, during the summer, it’s not that big a deal.  I wash my hands a lot, put some lotion on, and I’m good to go.  But winter.  Winter is KILLER.  The backs of my hands crack and bleed and HURT like a mofo.  (Yes, I DID say mofo…what are you going to do about it?). 


This is after a weekend of using heavy hand creams and sleeping with my hands all goobed up and in gloves.  It’s not doing anything. (Oh…and ignore my note to myself I wrote on my hand).

The gloves helped a little, my hands look downright healthy compared to what they looked like on friday (and honestly, they look even worse in person I just can’t capture it in this picture)…but UGH so painful!

Ouch.  :-)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Looks like there’s beer coming out of the chimney.

So you know what’s REALLY DIFFICULT for my engineerish brain to wrap itself around?  All you crazy people that cook without using specified amounts. 

Oh my God it’s TORTURE for me.  Literally.  And it appears that everyone in my family cooks this way (with the exception of my dad…apparently the only other TRUE engineer in my family). 

Yes, a “little of this”, or “just a smidge”, or until it “looks like the right consistency” just DOES NOT WORK FOR ME!  Seriously people. 

I attempted to get a recipe from my mom the other day and she was NO HELP AT ALL.  I am the girl that levels the flour in a measuring cup.  I like SPECIFIED amounts.  Apparently, I will NOT be using any family recipes. 

My mom called later and asked how my meatballs turned out.  Yeah, not so great.  They weren’t awful.  They were ok, but not as good as the ones I used to eat as a kid.  My mom’s solution?  Let’s make a batch together and you can SEE what the consistency, amounts are, etc.  NO…MEASURE STUFF FOR ME AND LET ME KNOW! 

Anyways, moving on.  The cooking is going ok.  So far I have made, chicken and dumplings (by far my favorite meal I’ve cooked), a buffalo chicken dip, the above mentioned meatballs (honestly, they weren’t bad, just not great), and I randomly cooked some beef cubes. 

I had bought said beef cubes to make beef stew until I realized I hate almost every ingredient that goes into beef stew…so I just cooked the beef in some broth and garlic and froze it.  I can pull it out later to put over pasta or rice if I need an emergency meal or something. 

Not bad for one week right?  I have a bunch of frozen items.  Now, I’m trying to figure out if I want to cook more stuff this weekend to have for the upcoming week or if I should unfreeze some of the stuff and just eat leftovers for most of next week.

Cooking for just myself is kind of difficult.  I feel like it’s a lot of work to make just one serving and then freeze the rest.  And then I feel like I don’t like to eat the same thing every day, so I end up with LOTS of frozen foods because I keep trying new things and freezing the left overs.  How do you people deal with this???

Ugh enough with the cooking already. 

I’m excited for next week.  I will be meeting with A the new trainer and we will discuss slowly adding running back into my training routine.  Yes, that’s right…RUNNING! 

Obviously, nothing too far or long, but I’m just so excited that we’re going to add it back in on a consistent basis.  I miss it. 

And now I’m off to the gym to get my lifting on.  Go me. 

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

STUPID babies need the most attention!

So, it’s the time for new year’s resolutions right? 

I’ve been thinking about mine and I think I finally have some that are actually feasible and not super vague:

  • Cook – I have a vague idea how to cook.  I can follow recipes, I can make pasta, etc.  But I  never do it.  I tend to eat a lot of frozen foods or sandwiches or salads which gets really boring (and not exactly super healthy).  I really want to learn to use my crock pot more (that requires me finding yummy recipes that do not involve the use of  ”cream of” soups or soy crumbles).  I learned how to make a pot roast in it, that turned out pretty good.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.  And I want to learn some quick, 3-5 ingredient dinners that can be made in about 15-20 minutes when I get home from work.  Last night I made raviolis with venison tomato sauce.  It was really yummy and only took about 10 minutes (the venison sauce was a gift so I didn’t really have to cook it…but it was still SUPER YUMMY!).  Eating Bambi was fun.  However, I would like to make some slightly more advanced meals.  Any good suggestions?
  • Run a half marathon – I know I’ve done it before, but I really want to be able to do another one this year.  So, my goal is to rehab my knee enough to be able to run one.  My goal is the Richmond Half Marathon sometime in November (at a minimum I want to be able to do the 8k scheduled the same day).  I’m not going to lie, I have A LOT of work ahead of me considering I’m only able to run 2 miles right now.  Sigh.
  • Work out a minimum of 2 days a week, however, ideally I’d like to work out an average 4-5 days a week.  This means I need to be better about working out on weekends and vacations.  I SUCK at doing anything when it’s not part of my daily work day.  It’s scheduled into my day to go at lunch time (I have my calendar blocked off and everything) so it’s hard to avoid it.  But on weekends and days I’m not at work, I’m very good at just pushing it off until the day is over and then saying I’ll do it tomorrow.  New goal.  On weeks like that, just TWO days of exercise should be possible.  Even if its just me using the fun stretchy bands. 

I think these are feasible goals.  I’m going grocery shopping today after work and I’m trying to figure out what are some basics (food) every house should have for cooking (my roommate doesn’t exactly like to cook either), and I’m trying to plan some meals for upcoming week. 

Yay internet help!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Now go up stairs pack your bags, we’re gonna start a new life… under the sea

 I spent New Years Eve day doing what I love best…leaving work early and RUNNING!  Yes.  That’s right.  I ran outside for the first time in over THREE MONTHS.  It was a pathetic 2 miles, but it was TWO MILES!  And it was two miles that my knee didn’t hurt and I actually felt good.   Hell, I felt better than good, I felt FANTASTIC.

Unfortunately, as soon as I got home from my run I had a call from work and I had to go back to deal with some vendor and manning issues.  Sigh.  Still haven’t figure out why this is my job responsibility, but whatever.  I finally got out of work around 5, and went back home. 

I had originally made plans for new years up in Philly with some high school friends, but, then I was told I had to work during shutdown (always fun being the youngest) so I had to return to VA.  Even worse, I had to work on New Years Day as well, so I couldn’t even go out of town for that night because I had to be back to work in the morning. 

So, rather than spending close to $500 to hang out with my friends in DC, I bought a bottle of champagne and spent the night on my couch.  Seriously.  BEST NEW YEARS EVER. 

Not dealing with assholes in a bar.  Not dealing with friends who are bitter they have no dates.  Not dealing with anyone other than MYSELF.  It was the most relaxing New Years ever.  (We won’t discuss how I didn’t even make it to midnight…details) and I didn’t even have to share my bottle of champagne. 

I went to work on Friday, stayed for a few hours and went back home to sit around doing nothing.  So the new years started off fantastic!  I took it as an omen that 2010 was going to be good.

Then Saturday, everything at work fell apart.  Ugh.  Not a happy day. 

Then, this morning, I overslept by an hour (and it’s not like I didn’t hear the alarm…I did…I just decided it didn’t apply to me today).  Then, I lost my badge and had to wait 45 minutes at the guard house to get a new one (ARGH!).  I also lost my new headphones that I LOVE, that are PERFECT for working out with, so I tried to find my crappy pair that suck big time but I appear to have misplaced those as well.  So I have no music for the gym today.  Sigh. 

And a bunch of files I started last week have all mysteriously disappeared off my computer.  But the IT department SWEARS it has nothing to do with the migration they did over shutdown. 


I refuse to let myself be negative today.  The rest of today is going to ROCK and so will this year. 

Happy 2010!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

They do not need a large ad or even correct spelling!

So, as much as I complain about this state, there is one thing I actually really like.  We are apparently the “vainest” state.  It’s really cheap and easy to get a vanity plate here and we have the highest percentage of them in the US.  (At least we did last year…I assume we still do). 

Anyways, some of them are very funny. 

Today, for example, I almost spit out my coffee while driving to work.  Twice.

The first car had the University of Virginia “V” on the left side of the plate as a design, and then the letters “AGINA” as the actual letters of his license plate.  Still trying to figure out how the DMV let this one get by.

Then, the second one was a handicapped plate with “TIMMAY” as his license plate.  Ahh…I love when people can laugh at themselves.

On a second more irritating note, I went home because I’m expecting a package to be delivered today.  Yay!  I got home around 10:30 which is usually when the first FedEx delivery gets made.  I see the truck pull into the housing development but he doesn’t stop at my place so I assume I’m on the second delivery which gets made around 3.  But to be safe, I figured I’d hang around at home for an hour or so in case he comes back.

At 11:33 (according to my clock) I leave to head back to work.  At 11:37, FedEx attempted to deliver the package and couldn’t because I wasn’t there to sign for it.  Which is so ridiculously IRRITATING.  So now I have to wait until tomorrow. 

I understand it’s only a day…but I want my package NOW!  I’ve been waiting for it since Saturday!  I want to play with my new toy!  (and no it’s not a BOB or anything like that…it’s my new phone!).  My new COOL phone.  The HTC Eris.  I want it now!!!!

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great day…TIMMAY!

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